February 10, 2014

Reverend Mark L. Gurley~ Re: Comment about Russia from RNC Committeeman Dave Agema

Letter to the Editor
Re: Comment about Russia from RNC Committeeman Dave Agema
Recently RNC Committeeman Dave Agema has come under fire from RINO Republicans and the media. One such comment deals with the Freedom of Religion in Russia and their protection of children from immorality. While the Obama administration is busy demonizing the so called anti-homosexual stance of Russia, the media rather than checking the facts jumped on the rhetoric in typical fashion. Most Americans are unaware of what has been happening in Russia.
In October, I was privileged to attend the 11th World Public Forum, a dialogue of civilizations in Rhodes Greece. http://wpfdc.org/ The Forum is made up of V.I.P. invitation-only guests who are presidents and prime ministers, religious leaders and distinguished university professors from around the world. It was during the Plenary Meeting titled “Family and Education” that the Russians spoke about their family law. It appears that our government and media are misleading the American people.
Russian President Vladimir Putin recognizes that in order to have a strong civilization a country must have a strong family, a view agreed upon by the majority of the World Pubic Forum attendees. To aid in this accomplishment, Freedom of Religion has been encouraged and a law to protect children from harm has been created. In Russia it is illegal to corrupt a child through any type of abuse which includes incest, homosexuality, pedophilia, and pornography. The law further states that the best environment for raising a child is with their father and mother. Somehow the LGBT and the Obama administration has construed this to be an anti-homosexual stance in Russia when in fact it is a pro-decency stance that cares for the child and family. On a side note, Russia currently spends $4500 per year per student for schooling. This money is available for government schools, private schools, and parents who home school. Why is Russia leading on this when this level of care for children has always been our domain as Americans?
This information in no way ties Committeeman Agema to favoring Russia. It would be unwise to trust a political leader who was indoctrinated in Communism from a young age whether raised in Russia or Indonesia. Any leader who would run or influence an organization meant to keep tabs on the public such as the KGB, may never be fully trusted. By the way, under Putin’s own admission when he ran the KGB, he never thought of the CIA as the counterpart to the KGB, but rather the IRS since it had the ability to control people. Does that ring a bell for any conservative groups applying for 501(c)(3) status?
Committeeman Agema’s comments, not only ring true, but Michiganders should be proud that someone is standing up for Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech the way Mr. Agema is and will continue to do. How many of his attackers would work long hours in an unpaid position to hold the GOP to its guiding principles only to be attacked by the usurpers of those principles from within?
Rev. Mark L. Gurley, OSJ
Grand Rapids, MI


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The video at the link below is a real lesson on Immigration.  It is a graphic demonstration that the world's poverty can't be solved even if we had open borders, in fact our immigration system actually harms the economies of poverty stricken nations.
Bottom line, we harm ourselves by allowing illegal immigration.
George Will said tonight on Fox News that we have an impending labor shortage, implying that our illegal immigration is a good thing.  I disagree.  Today we are encouraging our own citizens not to work or to work less due to all the benefits we give them for not working (Obamacare, welfare, extended unemployment, food stamps, etc.). 
Let's cure our current unemployment problem by removing our average 20% tax that is imbedded into the cost of all American produced goods and services so that American labor and business can compete with the rest of the world on a level playing field.  This is only one of the benefits of eliminating the income tax (and the abusive IRS) and replacing it with the FairTax (see www.fairtax.org).
Once our unemployment problem is solved we can reduce our benefits to those that choose not to work or to work part time to fill the plethora of new jobs created by enactment of the FairTax.  The Reagan generated economic boom lasted so long because the concurrent reduction of welfare benefits increased the labor force participation rate sufficiently that wage inflation, that typically ends an economic boom, was delayed for many years due to the expanding labor force.  THEN if we need more workers we can expand our legal worker visa program.

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